May 22, 2017

A Modular Off-Grid 3D-Printed Home

From the Ukraine-based company,  PassivDom, is this innovative and modern 3-D printed home!!

Named the "modulOne", the house is made using sturdy materials that won't rust or rot such as fiberglass, carbon, polyurethane. The home can even be ordered in the morning and be move-in ready by the evening of the same day! It doesn't need a foundation so it can be dropped off on almost any even surface.

In addition to being durable and quick to assemble, the modulOne is also quite smart! Many of the home's features can be easily controlled from your Smart Phone. There's also a self-learning micro-climate system that will automatically adjust the home's temperature to your liking, in addition to monitoring the humidity, and oxygen and carbon dioxide levels.

The house is also built to withstand extremely cold temperatures, so if you're from a place with harsh winters fear not! PassivDom also guarantees a 5-year warranty on all their homes. The modulOne has an interior size of 36ΠΌ² (or about 387.5 sq ft).

Prices range from €29,000 to €59,900 (between about $33,626 to $57,366 USD).

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Images © PassivDom

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