January 31, 2017

Ol' Berthound Blue

Pictured here is another great build from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses (RMTH) of Durango, Colorado!

According to te company's blog, the home's owner initially purchased plans and a trailer from a different tiny house company but found the plans difficult to follow and eventually hired RMTH to build her a new home.

Nicknamed "Ol' Berthound Blue", the home features a full kitchen, bathroom, and a loft bedroom. The kitchen comes outfitted with IKEA cabinets, a three-burner cooktop, fridge, pull-out pantry, stainless steel countertops, and a custom dish rack. There's also a dining table that can be pulled down to reveal a daybed for guests to sleep on.

Past the kitchen is a rather spacious bathroom. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the home's Japanese wood soaking tub. Also in te bathroom is a composting toilet and plenty of storage and closet space.

Upstairs, via the bathroom, is the home's loft bedroom which features a projection home theater.

To purchase a similar home like this from RMTH would run you around $87,000.

Images © Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes

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