January 04, 2017

NYC Tiny House Built in 72 Hours

As part of an initiative to build affordable housing, contractors from TaskRabbit built this tiny house in just 72 hours! It took 10 people to build the home and proceeds from its sale will go to benefit Community Solutions; a charity that helps the homeless.

The home spans 20 ft long and 8 ft wide with a cedar siding exterior. Inside the home is a full kitchen, living and dining room, a bathroom, loft bedroom, and solid whitewash oak flooring and kitchen counters. According to the home's eBay listing, it will also come with a bistro table and two chairs from West Elm, a mattress, and sofa. There's also a fridge, propane stove, sink, toilet, and shower.

Following the home's completion, it was listed for sale on eBay where it sold for $26,000.

Images © TaskRabbit

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