December 29, 2016

Bittersweet Valley Tiny House

The newest tiny house from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is an off-grid and solar powered home.

Named the "Bittersweet Valley", the home was built on a 20 ft trailer using reclaimed materials to keep in line with the owner's budget. Rocky Mountain used leftover materials from other builds to create a one-of-a-kind space. The home features rough cut lap cedar, corrugated metal, and a barn-shaped roof to maximize the space inside.

The home's interior is pretty simple. There's an open living room and kitchen, a bathroom with just a composting toilet, and a loft bedroom. The home currently has no plumbing or a shower, although space was left in the bathroom to add a shower if the owner changed their mind.

The home is also off-grid. The kitchen's two-burner cooktop and RV furnace are both propane powered. There's also solar power, a battery bank, and an Outback Flex power station.

The home cost around $39,000 to build, plus an additional $6,400 for the home's solar power.

Images © Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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