November 03, 2016

Remodelled Guesthouse and Party Space

After buying a home on Vashon Island in Washington, the new owners struggled to come up with a use for an old garage on the property. After hosting a Thanksgiving party in the space, they decided to transform it into a multi-purpose area that they could again use for events.

They hired architect, Seth Grizzle, to remodel the 440 sq ft space into something that was able to host events, do yoga in, or use as a guesthouse. The result was a bright and modern space with large windows to offer beautiful views of the surrounding Puget Sound.

The garage's walls were repurposed and used as flooring in the space. There's also a bed hidden under the floor for guests or anyone in need of a nap. Outside, there's an outdoor shower for the multi-tasker who wants to tan and get clean simultaneously. ;)

For entertaining, there's a pretty neat, custom-made Corian bookshelf that transformed into a bar!

Grizzle and his architecture firm, Greypants, nicknamed the project "Garage". It took in a number of awards including the 2013 AIA Seattle Honor Award, 2014 Residential Architecture Design Award, and the 2014 Copper in Architecture Award

Overall, a really nice space!

Images by Amos Morgan Photography, via Dwell and Greypants

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