August 21, 2016

The Mayflower From Wind River Tiny Homes

This beautiful tiny home, designed with a cozy modern/contemporary style, is designed and built by Wind River Tiny Homes of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Named the Mayflower, the home was designed for its owner to comfortably run her new business, Tranquilomat, out of the home. The home’s first floor features a home office with a desk and storage for office supplies. There’s also a full kitchen, a dining space, living room, a bathroom, two loft spaces, and an abundance of storage throughout the home.

The Mayflower measures 8.5 ft wide, 30 ft long, and 13.5 ft high. The home measures 399.5 sq ft in total, with 255 sq ft of the space on the home’s ground floor.

The exact model pictured here was sold for $105,000. A little on the pricy end for a tiny house, however, its owner had several customizations added to the home. A similar model might ordinarily cost between $70,000 to $80,000.

Images © Dillan Forsey via Wind River Tiny Homes

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