August 01, 2016

The Apple Blossom From the Jamaica Cottage Shop

This cute little cottage, named the Apple Blossom, is by the Jamaica Cottage Shop of South Londonderry, Vermont.

The home measures 12 ft by 26 ft for an interior size of 312 sq ft. You can buy the home as either a turn-key model for $65,523, or a DIY kit for $16,338. If you go the kit route, it should take about 40 hours with two people to assemble it.

The cottage featured here is currently offered for rent on Airbnb in Jamaica, Vermont. The home’s layout includes a kitchen, living room, bedroom, a three-piece bathroom, and a small 48 sq ft front porch.

For more info, view the Apple Blossom's brochure here.

Images © Jamaica Cottage Shop

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