July 13, 2016

Quartz Tiny House (204 Sq Ft)

This cute tiny house, designed and owned by blogger Ana White, provides a picture-perfect home in a remote Alaskan setting.

This tiny house, named Quartz, was built as a temporary shelter while Ana and her husband built a permanent residence, a cabin, for their family. As a result, this particular tiny home doesn’t have all the amenities you’d usually find in a tiny home, but is still functional a shelter.

The home measures 24 ft long and 8’6” wide for an interior size of 204 sq ft. The house’s roof overhangs and adds some extra length to the home, which makes the home a little larger than usual and has to have a special permit to be transported in its state of Alaska.

Another interesting tidbit about this tiny house; it was transported across a frozen lake in the winter in order to be towed to the remote site Ana’s building her cabin at.

You can get the plans for free on Ana’s blog. The plans available feature a bathroom, which the original doesn't have. which help to better accommodate someone who plans to live in the home full time.

Images © Ana White

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