June 13, 2016

A Tiny House in the Woods of Sonoma

This pretty little tiny house in the woods of Sonoma County, California, makes for a perfect retreat. While we're not sure of its exact square footage or the name of the person/company who made it, its photographer, Benjamin Chun, shared this short post about it:

"More than a few people have asked about this little shed. It's owned by a friend who's not really available for public contact. The idea was to augment a piece of agricultural land with an accessory building to secure tools, to provide shelter from the rain, and to aesthetically enhance the surroundings. A friend of the owner developed with him some exterior sketches, and a carpenter worked out the structural matters on the fly, adhering to building code. There are no blueprints, alas. The siding and the deck are redwood, the trim and the bench are cedar. The clerestory windows came from a custom shop, the other windows and the doors are stock, the double door is assembled using full-length hinges. The inside is unfinished. "

Images © Benjamin Chun

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