May 02, 2016

The "Lil' Lodge" Tiny House

At just 150-square-feet, this tiny house is both space efficient and very high tech. Designed by architect Tracey Powell, the home was designed to accommodate plenty of travelling while still providing all the comforts and amenities of home. It was debuted last year at the ABX conference in Boston.

Despite the home’s small space, it fits several appliances, a hot water heater, connected lighting, and an extensive security system. The home’s lighting, heating, air conditioning and even the window shades are all controlled with a Smartphone.

Highly energy efficient, the home runs on just 50 amps of electricity, just like an RV.

Tracy currently lives in the home for 50 weeks of the year, travelling throughout the United States for work. There’s also plans to add solar power and a rain collector to the home which would enable it to be total self-sufficient and an option for off-grid living.

Images © Tracey Powell

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