May 27, 2016

The Grand Teton From Tiny Mountain Houses (230 Sq Ft)

The Grand Teton tiny house measures 28' long and 8.2' wide for a square footage of almost 230-square-feet. To offer even more space, there's a loft bedroom and an outdoor patio attached, which brings the home's total size up to around 355-square-feet. 

The home's kitchen comes equipped with a two-burner electric stovetop, a refrigerator and freezer, laminate top counters and wood cabinets. The standard model comes powered by electricity, however, there is an option for gas. 

The base price for the home is $62,718, not including fright and applicable taxes. There is a finance option available as well. 

The home's builder, Tiny Mountain Homes, currently has three locations; one in Sacramento and two showrooms in Salem, Oregon, and Chehalis, Washington. 

Images © Tiny Mountain Homes

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