May 13, 2016

Ma Maison Logique's Capia Tiny House (180 Sq Ft)

Ma Maison Logique, which translates to "my logical house", is a tiny house construction company in Kamouraska, Quebec, by its owners, Pascal and Catherine. Pictured here is "Capia"; a 120 sq ft tiny house with an additional 60 sq ft of space in the loft.

The home was created by its owners in just 40 days using locally sourced materials. The exterior was designed by Pascal, who made sure the home would be warm enough to withstand cold Canadian winters. The home is well insulated with triple-pane glass and a small, efficient wood burning stove which only needs kindling.

Catherine, an interior designer, styled the home's interior with simple, but cozy details.

The couple also have their own tiny house company where they do everything from building to styling the interior of the home

Images © Ma Maison Logique

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