March 10, 2016

Off-Grid Tiny House in Tahoe, California

This 196-square-feet tiny home in Tahoe, California, is totally self-sustainable and off-grid.

It was built by its owners, Tim and Hannah, on 20-acres of land. They had no building experience or blueprints, but that didn't stop them from building their dream home atop a hill.

The home was built largely from recycled materials. It's also lifted off the ground on pine logs to prevent snow drifts during the winter and heat retention during the summer.

The home also has a low impact on the environment with energy-efficient solutions. For food refrigeration, Tim and Hannah use a cooler and ice packs. For light, the home uses lanterns and LED lights. To charge their phones and batteries, the couple installed small solar panels.

Despite the home's full amenities, the couple still have plans to build another house for their permanent residence. They also plan to add an outhouse.

Images © June Bhongjan

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