January 27, 2016

Beautiful Contemporary 240 Sq Ft Tiny House

In 2013, Alek Lisefski decided to live simply, conscientiously, and economically. So he designed, built, and moved into a tiny house.

The project took about a year in total, from the thought-process and designs to 7 months of construction. At the end of it all, he had a beautiful and mobile tiny house.

The home measures 8′ x 20′ for a ground floor total of 160 sq ft. Add in the loft space, and the total square footage is about 260 square feet. The whole thing was built for around $30,000 which includes the trailer, tools, materials, and the home’s stainless-steel appliances.

The home was built in Iowa and has since traveled to northern California, and then down south to Austin, Texas where it’s currently situated.

If you like this home for yourself, Tiny Mountain Homes in Youbou, British Columbia are the authorized re-sellers of the home’s plans. You can also purchase a built model.

Images © Alek Lisefski

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