January 02, 2016

hOMe: a Modern Tiny House in Oregon

As most of us do, Andrew and Gabriella Morrison had gotten sick of an expensive mortgage and endless bills. So they decided to minimalize their lifestyle and built themselves a tiny house.

Their home is 349 sq ft in total- 221 sq ft on the main floor plus an additional 128 sq ft of loft space. It sits on 5 acres of land they purchased in Ashland, Oregon where they live together with their 11 year old daughter.

Andrew, a construction worker by trade, built the home himself. Called "hOMe", the house features a full-sized kitchen with appliances, a master bedroom, a functioning bathroom, a staircase, home office, and plenty of storage.

If you'd like your own version of this model, they're currently being produced by Eco Cabins in Colorado Springs. The home starts at $54,900.

Images © Andrew and Gabriella Morrison

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