August 19, 2023

The Sky Loft Treehouse

Dundee, OH // $170/night // Available For Rent

Welcome to The Sky Loft, a captivating escape nestled within the enchanting treetop haven of Dwell Boxes tiny house resort in Dundee, Ohio. Elevated above the forest floor as part of the cherished treehouse village, The Sky Loft promises an experience of serenity and modern comfort high in the skies.

For those who relish the idea of being immersed in the canopy, The Sky Loft presents the ideal sanctuary. This cozy retreat combines a contemporary twist on d├ęcor with the rustic allure of the treetop surroundings, creating an idyllic hideaway that beckons to the nature enthusiast in you.

Step into the open studio space, thoughtfully designed for both intimacy and functionality. A kitchenette offers convenience, while the bar-style dining area invites shared meals with your loved one. The presence of a wood-burning stove infuses the space with a touch of romance and warmth.

The centerpiece of The Sky Loft is a queen-sized bed, cocooned within the tree-laden embrace. The studio also features a sink and shower, completing the harmonious fusion of elements within this single, enchanting space.

If you seek an intimate haven high amidst the branches, where modern aesthetics intertwine with the beauty of nature, then The Sky Loft at Dwell Box tiny house resort in Dundee, Ohio, awaits you.

Images © Dwell Boxes

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