August 11, 2023

Portland Container Home By Modern Dwelling

Portland, OR // $82/night // Rent on Vrbo

Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, the Portland Container Home offers a unique open studio space featuring one full-size bed. This contemporary dwelling, designed by Modern Dwelling's True Studio, exudes a modern design that harmoniously blends the aesthetics of Scandinavia and the Pacific Northwest.

Efficiency takes center stage in this dwelling's layout. The compact yet functional design includes a full kitchen, dining area, and a bathroom equipped with an incinerating toilet, luxurious rain shower, Brazilian stone bathroom flooring, and a shower-only configuration.

A touch of local artistry is infused into the ambiance, with art by local artists gracing the walls and the furniture crafted from reclaimed Columbia Riverwood, lending an eco-conscious and uniquely regional character to the space.

For your comfort, the dwelling incorporates a Mini Split Heat Pump that functions as an AC, fan, and backup heat source, ensuring a pleasant interior climate all year round.

A standout feature of this home is the spacious covered patio, measuring an impressive 20'x20'. This outdoor extension of the living space boasts a fireplace and ample space for relaxation, gatherings, and taking in the Portland ambiance.

The Portland Container Home encapsulates a contemporary urban lifestyle, reflecting the city's modern sensibilities and appreciation for sustainability. With its efficient design, local art accents, and inviting outdoor space, it offers a distinctive and comfortable dwelling experience in the vibrant city of Portland.

Images © Modern Dwellings

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