August 25, 2023

Modern Tiny By West Coast Homes

Lake Whatcom, WA // 400 Sq Ft // $200,000+ // From West Coast Homes

Introducing the "Modern Tiny," a luxury park model home by West Coast Homes that harmonizes modern living with compact elegance. This 400 sq.ft space is situated near the shores of Lake Whatcom, a relatively quick drive from the town of Bellingham, WA. 

Spanning 400 square feet across two levels, the Modern Tiny is a beautiful space, designed with innovation and comfort. One of the home's best features is its spacious covered deck; perfect for hosting friends and family while taking in the surrounding views.

The living experience within the Modern Tiny is compact yet functional living. The luminous living room is adorned with expansive windows that usher in ample natural light, offering a connection to the outdoors. Adding a touch of warmth, a cozy fireplace nestles within the space, ensuring both aesthetic charm and practical comfort.

The well-appointed kitchen stands as a testament to functional elegance. Complete with a stove and oven, a range hood, a dishwasher, a farmhouse sink, and an ensemble of cabinets and open shelving, it is a culinary haven. The adjacent dining area invites residents to indulge in gastronomic pleasures while immersed in the beauty of the interior.

A three-piece bathroom graces the living space, adorned with exposed beams that infuse character into the design. Every corner of the residence is thoughtfully conceived to achieve a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.

The ground floor unveils a bedroom of serene repose, offering ample space for a double-sized bed. Exposed beams create an ambiance of rustic charm, while built-in bedside shelving adds to the convenience and visual appeal. A small pet nook, ingeniously tucked beneath the staircase, is a testament to the thoughtful and innovative design that characterizes the Modern Tiny.

Moving into the upper level, accessible by a full staircase, is the home's second bedroom. The space has enough room for a queen-sized bed or two twins. 

The "Modern Tiny," a striking manifestation of artful living within a confined footprint, epitomizes the skillful craftsmanship and forward-thinking vision of West Coast Homes. With Lake Whatcom as its backdrop and Bellingham's charm at its doorstep, this luxury park model home redefines the concept of stylish compact living.

Images © West Coast Homes

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