July 13, 2023

Svaneti Countryside Cabin

Sgobuldi, Georgia // $100USD/night // Rent on Airbnb

The Svaneti Countryside Cabin is located in the quiet village of Sgobuldi in Georgia's Svaneti region. This cozy cabin offers a serene retreat with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms, perfect for couples or small families.

Surrounded by majestic mountains, the cabin provides stunning views of the natural landscape. Inside, the cabin features a warm and rustic interior with wooden accents throughout.

Guests can enjoy the convenience of a kitchen, allowing them to prepare their own meals during their stay. Outside, there is a peaceful backyard where you can relax and admire the mountain scenery.

Escape from the noise and busyness of everyday life at the Svaneti Countryside Cabin. Whether you're looking to explore the nearby mountains or simply seeking a peaceful getaway, this cabin offers a tranquil setting for a memorable stay in the Svaneti countryside.

Images via Airbnb

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