July 26, 2023

Stephanie's Tiny Home By Optinid (220 Sq.Ft.)

Stephanie's Tiny Home, a remarkable creation by Optinid, was built in 2017 and showcases an exquisite design with a full sunroof as its standout feature. The roof has been further enhanced, becoming thinner, lighter, and more secure in its sealing.

This innovative design allows for an increase in the total height of the Tiny Home, providing space to add windows on the main mezzanine. Optinid's dedication to maximizing natural light is evident with the incorporation of large openings, creating a bright and spacious interior while harnessing the sun's warmth for efficient heating.

Stephanie's Tiny Home offers a comfortable living space that accommodates up to six people. The main mezzanine features two beds under the sunroof, while a second mezzanine provides sleeping space for two more. Additionally, the large sofa area in the living room can be transformed into a double bed, and the custom-made sofa boasts generous storage compartments underneath.

The Tiny Home caters to Stephanie's unique needs, showcasing a thoughtfully designed office area. The desk integrates her piano, with the desk's top serving as a lid that can be lifted to play. The desk area also doubles as a space for sewing, with ample room to accommodate her sewing machine and fabrics. Furthermore, the office conveniently serves as a step to access the main mezzanine.

The well-equipped kitchen features an oven, a double electric induction hob, a sink, and storage, along with Optinid's innovative "cellar" cupboard. The retractable table, hidden under the worktop, reveals two automatic brackets when pulled out, optimizing functionality and space.

The bathroom offers a spacious 31.5 x 31.5 inches shower with a glass door, along with eco-friendly dry toilets. A sliding door ensures privacy, adding to the Tiny Home's practical design.

The exterior boasts a charming 21 mm heat-treated fir cladding, offering a lightweight yet durable alternative to Red Cedar. Black polycarbonate panels have been used in the design to save weight and enhance longevity.

With solar power and electric heating, Stephanie's Tiny Home is both environmentally friendly and comfortable. The exterior showcases spruce paneling, adding a touch of elegance to its appearance.

The Tiny Home's external dimensions measure approximately 19.7 feet in length, 8.4 feet in width, and 13.1 feet in height. Inside, it spans approximately 19 feet in length, 7.2 feet in width, and reaches a height of approximately 10.3 feet at its highest point. Offering around 220 square feet of space, including the mezzanines, Stephanie's Tiny Home weighs approximately 7,055 pounds.

Images © Optinid

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