August 19, 2022

Red Door Tiny House (452 Sq Ft)

This tiny house is a great representation of scaled down "traditional" homes. It has the main home and also includes more typical home amenities like a backyard and swimming pool. And it all fits together beautifully.

This home, nicknamed "The Red Door Tiny House", is a vacation rental in Turkey. It's available through Butik Evler, a company that specializes in tiny house retreats. 

The house has 42-square-meters of space, or about 452-sq-ft. Perfect for couples, and maybe even a small family, the home has a living room, full kitchen, bathroom, and an upstairs bedroom. Outside, in the home's backyard, is a pool, patio with lounge chairs, and green space.

If you're planning a holiday away, the home is available for rent at 2,800 Turkish Lira, or about $157 USD a night.

Images © Butik Evler

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