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Calgary, AB / 465 Sq Ft / $124,900 USD or $156,900 CAD

Van Gogh from Zerosquared (465 Sq Ft)

Calgary, AB / 465 Sq Ft / $124,900 USD or $156,900 CAD

Meet Van Gogh:  tiny home equipped with an integrated modular expanding space that adds an additional 63-sq-ft of living space. The home is 32’ in length and 13.5’high, with a width that goes from 8.5’, for towing, to 12.5’ when stationary.

Inside, the Van Gogh has two bedrooms; a queen-sized bedroom on the main floor and a loft bedroom upstairs. The home also has a kitchen, dining and work space, and a bathroom. There’s also an option to add a deck and even a bathtub.

Images © Zerosquared