July 12, 2018

The Oregon Trail From Tiny Smart House

Albany, OR | 16’ to 44’ | $50,000+

The Oregon Trail house is a cute and cozy tiny house on wheels available form Tiny Smart House! The home features quality craftsmanship throughout with wood features and double dormers in the loft bedroom. It’s available for custom order, ranging in lengths from 16’ to 44’. If you’d like a more DIY approach, shells are available as well!


  • Exterior: lap siding, standing seam metal roof
  • Interior: pine T&G ceiling, painted drywall walls, laminate flooring
  • Kitchen: 4.5-CF refrigerator, 24” RV range hood, three-burner propane range, 7’ of painted cabinets, oak butcherblock cabinets, stainless steel sink
  • Bathroom: buyer’s choice of gravity flush RV or standard porcelain toilet, 32” x 32” shower
  • Loft bedroom spanning 8’ x 8’
  • Electrical, lighting, plumbing, and heating system included
For more information, reach out to Tiny Smart House here!

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Images © Tiny Smart House

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