June 12, 2018

The MED Cottage AKA Granny Pod

Blacksburg, VA | 288 Sq Ft | $85K - $125K

The MED Cottage is revolutionizing how families can care and support elderly or ill family members. Nicknamed "the Granny Pod" the home comes with an in-home surveillance system that allows the home and resident to be monitored. Relatives can still maintain a sense of independence while living alone, and family members can set their minds at ease through regular check-ins and monitoring or their loved ones!


  • Dimensions: 24'7" x 11'7"
  • R-21 insulation
  • 2 x 4 steel walls
  • Exterior: G-P Somerset siding, vinyl trim, CertainTeed shingles
  • Interior floors: woodgrain vinyl flooring and Shaw carpet
  • Utilities: 10-amp service, upper and lower level lighting, Greentec System ventilation, 30-gallon hot water heater


  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen: refrigerator, stove top, microwave, sink and faucet, Wilson Art countertops, cabinets
  • Bathroom: ADA toilet and shower, stainless steel grab bars, shower emergency pull cord, vanity and mirror 
  • Options: rail system and Satech padded floors, washer and dryer
The MED Cottage is currently only available for sale and installation in Virginia. A rental option is available for residents in Virginia and the Carolinas. For everyone else, you can purchase plans to build your own Granny Pod from the MED Cottage's website, ranging from $29 to $69.
For more information, direct your questions to MED Cottages here!

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