April 11, 2018

Honey On The Rocks By Carpenter Owl

Bloomington, IN | 187 Sq Ft | $85,000

This gorgeous custom home is definitely a head turner! Built by Carpenter Owl, the company calls the home their "most ambitious build to date". Completly handmade, the home was designed and built around a family heirloom whiskey still and features an awesome double-tiered deck!


  • Bedroom: king-sized bed, porthole windows, 6' operable window
  • Whiskey still hidden inside a copper-top table 
  • Hand-cut light fixtures
  • Bathroom: shower made from elastic stucco with a slate shelf and hand-laid spiral mosaic floor
  • Exterior: walnut siding with cedar trim, double-decker patio joined by a spiral staircase, table on the upper deck drops down to reveal a vintage soaking tub, roof made from reclaimed materials
You can order your own Honey On The Rocks from Carpenter Owl, which takes around 12 weeks to build. If you want to try out the home, there's a model available to rent via Try It Tiny on a farm in Dillsboro, Indiana, for $125 a night!

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Images © Carpenter Owl

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