November 24, 2017

The Lumber Loft

From Custom Built Surry, a company specializing in tiny homes from the UK, is this stylish tiny house on wheels!

Named the "Lumber Loft", the home made its debut at the Glamping Show and is perfect as a unique alternative to an RV. The home has a kitchenette, a rather spacious living room, a loft bedroom, and a bathroom.

This exact design of the Lumber Loft was quickly retired since the roof's shape caused the home to "snake" if being towed faster than 40 mph. You can now order the Lumber Loft with the same interior but now with a sturdier pitched roof and two double dormers (photo at the end of the post)!

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Images ©  Custom Built Surrey

1 comment:

  1. I really like this tiny house! Its comfy and inviting. Nice bathroom too. But it could use a bit of storage. Not sure where it would go of course. Maybe add a couple feet and put in a storage closet in the seating area? I woud definitely recommend a storage locker over the tongue.