January 10, 2017

Restored Miner's Cabin (216 Sq Ft)

This cabin in the Cuyamaca Mountains of San Diego County has quite a story to it!

According to This Old House, the home was built around 1928 as a shelter for local gold miners. It was then abandoned for almost 50 years before true crimes author, Cathy Scott, found it and decided to undergo the sizable task of restoring it. During the home's restoration, she discovered it was a kit house purchased from Sears and Roebucks in the 1920's.

The process of renovating the home took almost 5 years. Eventually, Cathy had a beautiful 216 sq ft retreat to call her own.

The home has a living room, kitchen, a bedroom alcove, bathroom, and a front porch the views of the surrounding woods.

Be sure to read more about the home's restoration here.

Images by Lisa Romerein, via This Old House

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