March 22, 2016

The Hikari Box Tiny House

From Shelter Wise is this 286-square-feet tiny house on wheels, named The Hikari Box.

The home measures 184-square-feet on the ground floor, plus an additional 79-square-feet in the bedroom, and another 23-square-feet in the storage loft.

Hikari is a Japanese word for “light-filled”, which is a fitting name for this home which has 14 windows to let in natural light. It also has two skylight and a glass-front door. Another Japanese-inspired element within the home is a tansu-chest inspired stairway with built in storage.

The home comes outfitted with a full kitchen, two lofts (one for sleeping, another for storage), a dining room, and plenty of storage.

You can buy plans for the Hikari Boxy tiny house here.

Images © Shelter Wise

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