A Chic and Cozy School Bus Home


Imagine being on a permanent road trip with your loved one, visiting all the beautiful spots the US has to offer. For Alyssa Pelletier and Will Hitchcock, that’s their everyday reality.

After working for start-ups in San Francisco, the pair decided to leave it all behind and set out on an indefinite adventure together. They bought a former school bus for $5,500, ripped everything out, and turned it into a stunning mobile home a grand total of $30,000.

The bus has a living room, a home office, kitchen, a bedroom, bathroom, and a “garage” in the back of the bus where bikes and hiking gear is storaged. Together, Alyssa and Tom with their dog, Hilde, travel throughout the western US visiting national parks, hiking, biking and skiing. They also work full time from the bus as designers for their company, Camp Four Creative.

To keep up with Alyssa and Will’s adventures, be sure to follow their blog, Outside Found.

Images © Alyssa Pelletier and Will Hitchcock

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